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About Us

'All people should have equal rights and equal responsibilities to their fellow citizens.'

What We Stand For

Better Government

The Liberal Party exists to provide high quality governments that empower people to solve the major challenges they face in their lives.

Where the Labor Party stands for the ‘nanny state’, the Liberal Party stands for the right and freedom of people to decide how they will live their own lives.

Liberal government means, amongst many things, more secure streets, better public transport, better hospitals, and higher quality education accessible to all through better public, independent and systemic schools.

Liberal government means better forward planning for water and power, the empowerment of local communities to deal with local issues, including the environment and drugs, better opportunities for regional and rural Victoria, better assistance to those in need, and above all a better managed economy that encourages business large and small, ensures rewards for private enterprise and risk taking, and hence more jobs, and the lower taxes that come from sound financial management.

Nationally Liberal government means the strong defence of Australia against terrorism and other threats; the best economic policies and management of Australia’s finances; lower taxes; world-class conditions in which to set up and run competitive businesses (large and small) that create jobs; multiple opportunities to gain the skills that underpin employment, whether through apprenticeships, TAFE, or universities; and choice for all parents in selecting the best school for their child and standards of excellence.

Liberal government means a safety net of assistance for all who are disadvantaged by life’s chances; and effective assistance to rebuild personal independence and control over one’s life after unemployment, ill-health or other misfortune. Liberal governments have set world standards in environmental protection and as a result of Liberal policies Australia will be one of the small number of countries that meet their Kyoto target for emissions.

The creative energy in society comes from individual people. Government is there to ensure that people have the freedom and the opportunity to achieve what they want in life, and that the environment on which we depend is protected. By encouraging private enterprise, volunteer action, free debate and free association, and treating everybody equally, while recognizing their different values and desires, Liberal government contributes to achieving a better world.

Government has a key role in ensuring that people have access to services that only government can provide, and in ensuring that free markets operate in ways that are transparent and fair to all.

Liberal government therefore means more opportunities, respect for personal freedom, more reward for effort, better choices, and more confidence in planning your future life. It means an innovative and progressive Australia.

Liberal governments have been highly successful in Victoria and nationally over many decades. The reason Liberal governments have generally been much more successful than Labor governments is because Liberal government is based on principles that recognize the strong desire of people to manage their own lives, and the need to govern on behalf of the community as a whole and not on behalf of special interests. Liberal governments derive their strength and support from a political party that is democratic and widely representative of the community.

There are some very general values and principles that are at the heart of the reasons why people join the Liberal Party.

Our Major Values

The Liberal Party believes that the most important measure of a society is the extent to which it acknowledges the inherent worth and dignity of each individual person, and the right of each person, to the extent that they can do so, to manage their own life and determine their own destiny while respecting the rights of others.

In doing so, the Liberal Party recognizes that all people are different, and that everyone has an equal right to chart their own course in life without someone else dictating it to them.

We believe that the principal role of democratic governments is to make fair and equal laws that empower people to plan their lives without improper interference or discrimination against them, that respect each person’s dignity and independence and that assist them to realize their full potential.

The Liberal Party believes that the good society is based on functioning families, vibrant community life and a healthy environment where people have a sense of responsibility toward each other, and a sense of personal responsibility for their own actions.

The source of progress and prosperity is the creative energy of individual people, of private enterprises and people’s ability to make full use of the experience of their lives in their decisions for the future.

Good government that provides the opportunities for people inherent in these values, and the legal and environmental framework within which people can make their life choices, will produce a prosperous, peaceful and harmonious community in which people have the best possible chance to fulfill the destiny they seek for themselves.

Achieving Liberal Values

The Liberal Party brings together like-minded people to decide through debate how these values can be best put into practice, and chooses candidates to stand for election, and to represent the Party’s values in parliament.

The party aims to win at elections a majority of the seats in the Legislative Assembly here in Victoria, and in the House of Representatives in Canberra, so that it can become the government. It also aims for the best possible result in the two upper houses – the Legislative Council of the Victorian parliament and the Senate in the Federal parliament.

The Liberal Party is a democratic party based on volunteers. It aims to provide the best forums available in Australia for people to discuss and pursue their values. The Liberal Party sets the community standard for enabling effective participation in our democratic system.

This website provides the necessary background and information to enable you to be an influential participant in Australia’s democratic system of government.