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About Us

'All people should have equal rights and equal responsibilities to their fellow citizens.'

Our Values

State Platform

We believe in the inherent dignity, responsibility and potential of all Victorians. We believe that government must protect the freedoms of all Victorians and provide the opportunity for all people to achieve their full potential.

  • We believe in the fundamental freedoms of individuals and groups within society to think, worship, to speak, to choose and to associate.
  • We believe in upholding the Constitution, parliamentary democracy, the democratic process and accountable government.
  • We believe in equality before the law.
  • We believe that families provide the most effective environment for individuals to achieve their full potential.
  • We believe in equal opportunities for all Australians in a tolerant and diverse society.
  • We believe in the protection of people who are vulnerable, in ill health, disadvantage or in need, and in providing them with effective assistance.
  • We believe that the creation of wealth is essential for meeting our national and individual aspirations and that the individual effort should be appropriately rewarded.
  • We believe that free enterprise will maximise economic growth and national prosperity.
  • We believe that where the private sector can deliver a service efficiently and fairly, an unnecessary burden should not be imposed on the taxpayer.
  • We believe in the decentralisation and distribution of power and believe that local decisions are best made at the local level.
  • We believe in securing our national heritage and natural environment now and for future generations.

The Victorian Division of the Liberal Party exists to promote stable, effective and responsible government for the people of Australia and Victoria.

This platform sets out the principles which guide the State Parliamentary Party in the development of policies to be implemented by the government.

As Liberal Party members we inherit a proud political tradition. We believe in equality before the law with an independent judiciary. We believe in a society where each individual can think, choose, worship, speak and associate while respecting the rights of others. These shared values of liberty, fairness, equality for all and favouritism to none, are our common bond.

We believe in government for all the people regardless of their political belief.

The Federal and State Constitutions enshrine in law free and democratic parliaments to which governments are responsible. We believe that our Constitutions must be honoured and respected.

We regard families as the most effective providers of primary welfare, particularly in the care and education of children. Families are, and continue to be, the cornerstone of this nation’s future social stability.

Our greatest objective is the achievement of a humane society. We are committed to providing a framework that places families first and assists them in meeting the challenges of operating in a modern society.

We will do this by encouraging freedom of choice in access to and the provision of health, education, social welfare and aged care services.

The State’s future rests in the hands of its citizens; their individual aspirations, talents and endeavours. A free enterprise economy that has a responsive government and is free of undue union influence is the best framework for these hopes to be realised. Our Party aims to provide and environment that rewards those who work hard, save and invest, and create employment.

Our Party encourages small business and individual initiative. We aim to eliminate unwarranted regulations and to utilise the States’ natural resources in a sustainable manner. We are determined that these should be utilised to raise the quality of life and the living standards for all Victorians.

Our children’s future is of utmost importance. Consequently, our education system must develop the capacities of our young to their full potential by offering them a greater choice and opportunities.

As Victorian Liberals, we are committed to the shared ideals and values that give the meaning and substance to our Liberal philosophy.